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Wasp Nests Devon

A common pest across Devon and Cornwall, the wide range that bees and wasps cover do mean that they can be seen a long way from their nest. But a wasp nest in close proximity to your home is something that will need to be dealt with.

(Common - Vespula vulgaris, German - Vespula germanica)

All the different species of wasp native to the United Kingdom, except the hornet, look very similar. A winged insect with black and yellow stripes across the body and two pairs of wings.

During the spring, a newly fertilised queen will set up a new colony. These can be usually found in holes, either in the ground, hollow trees, or man made places such as sheds, loft spaces or wall cavities. The nest is made of chewed wood mixed with wasp saliva (known as wasp paper) the queen will start the nest that will then be carried on bytheworker wasps she will raise, until it is finished in autumn.

Wasp NestFood
Wasps are carnivorous and typically eat other insects, which are themselves often garden or household pests. They also eat rubbish and animal carcasses.

Wasps become a danger to humans during late summer, as the temperature becomes cooler they become more likely to sting. A wasp can usually sting many times. Although painful, the wasp sting is not usually serious, however it can and in certain cases can cause a severe reaction.

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